How unified workforce planning can boost delivery on business and talent objectives

13 maart 2023

Organizations that are not properly resourced cannot grow revenues and compete in the market to achieve their full potential. Talent is out there, but it is hard to attract and retain. When faced with growth imperatives, organizations must consider and plan for evolving variables that influence (and can sometimes inhibit) the effective hiring and deployment of talent, including:

  • Economic uncertainty, currently characterized by inflation and varying degrees of a recessionary environment, which in turn forces organizations to make quick decisions about resourcing that can necessitate capital reallocations.
  • The paradox of the talent market, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting Great Resignation causing talent scarcities in some industries (i.e., healthcare) while a talent surplus in tech is causing layoffs.
  • Growth ambitions that require investment in new talent, upskilling of employees, improving productivity ratios, and strategic, longer-term workforce planning.
  • The reimagining of the workplace, as organizations pivot to hybrid or remote working environments that enable them to hire talent from all over the world.