New management structure of SNT Group N.V.

The Management Board and Supervisory Board of SNT Group N.V. announce that they will be implementing the new management structure of SNT Group as from 18 February 2003. SNT Group has set up an Executive Committee ('SNT Executive Committee') consisting of members of the Management Board and the Managing Directors of the national organisations. The year 2002 focussed on the integration of various acquired companies within SNT Group. SNT is now entering the next phase, which demands a new, more operation-oriented management model. As a result of this new model, the size of the Management Board of SNT will be reduced to three directors.

Luc Verburgh steps down as a member of the Management Board and, as Chief
Information Officer, will be responsible for ICT. In addition, as Managing Director he will continue to be responsible for Scandinavia. Rob Kippers steps down as a member of the Management Board. His position of Chief Integration Officer will be abolished. Rob Zandbergen, CFO, has decided to accept a similar position at Solvis Research Group N.V. as from April. The positions of Tobias Walraven , CEO, and Sjaak Teterissa, Managing Director of SNT Benelux, remain unchanged.

Willem Middelburg, aged 46 and former CFO of Pink Roccade, has been proposed as his successor by the Executive Board of SNT. Mr Middelburg will commence his employment with SNT Group on 1 February 2003 and will take over the duties of Rob Zandbergen after the publication of the annual figures on 18 February. Following approval by the General Meeting of Shareholders on 25 April, Willem Middelburg will be formally appointed as CFO. From 18 February the Management Board of SNT will consist of Tobias Walraven, CEO, Willem Middelburg, CFO and Sjaak Teterissa, Managing Director SNT Benelux. The SNT Executive Committee consists of the members of the Management Board named, plus members of the boards of the national organisations SNT France (Francoise Gagnier), SNT Germany (Stefan Knoll and Philippe Vogel) SNT Benelux (Jac Vermeer) and SNT Scandinavia (Luc Verburgh). The Supervisory Board of SNT Group will be consist of Wessel Ganzevoort (chairman), Paul ’t Hoen (vice-chairman), Cees van den Heijkant, Rob Abrahamsen and Rob Langezaal. The Supervisory Board has decided not to fill the two remaining vacancies on the board. This reduces the size of the Supervisory Board of SNT five. A proposal relating to this, for amendment to the articles of association, is currently in preparation and will be ready in time to be dealt with at the General Meeting of Shareholders on 25 April 2003.

In anticipation of the publication of the 2002 annual figures, SNT announces that the turnover of SNT Group over the whole of 2002 comes to over EUR 550 million. The operational margin (Ebita) is expected to come to around 6.5%. The liquidity position of SNT comes to over EUR 100. SNT will announce its full results for 2003 on 18 February 2003. SNT participates in the development of CRM concepts for clients. In its customer contact centres SNT implements these concepts by co-browsing customers via telephone, e-mail, chat, and making SMS available to their customers. Management information, which clients can use to further interpret their market strategy and build long-term relationships with customers, is distilled from these customer contacts using data-mining technologies. With more than 12,000 employees, SNT provides good service to millions of consumers annually from branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and France.