14 juni 2017

Procurement and financial professionals tend to focus on cutting costs and net income to satisfy shareholders who are scrutinizing quarterly earnings. They also spend significant resources on developing robust systems to manage inventories, direct spend and optimize cash as it passes through the organization. Yet, many still don’t have the level of visibility and control that they need.

They would like to improve financial agility but lack the tools to accurately manage cash flow, take advantage of supplier discounts, and optimize working capital without compromising the supply chain.

Best-in-class businesses have the flexibility and the confidence to make informed choices concerning the management of their working capital. They even have the power to turn their Accounts Payable (AP) organization into a profit center. They are driving integration and collaboration with suppliers to minimize spend and supply risk. They have taken control of their financial supply chain to create new economic value.

This guide will help you identify where you currently are in terms of Source-toPay (S2P) maturity, and the actions you should take to reach a world class level of financial agility.