Data Storytelling: The power of visualization of decision making in a large enterprise Lidmaatschap, FM Club Lidmaatschap, Expert Lidmaatschap

 Datum/tijdstip: 1 december 2020 11:00

 Locatie: Webinar






Legacy and Modern BI tools have respectively made data processing and data exploration possible. However, with adoption rates at large enterprises stagnating at 32% for the last 10 years, the delivery of information to an untrained workforce is yet to be mastered and is in dire need of a new proposition to finally build a data culture at scale with . 

During this webinar series we introduce you to Data Communication and storytelling. We teach you what the results are of using data communication as an IT leader or Finance professional within a large enterprise, how it improves the decision making of your colleagues and can give your company a higher Return On Investment of millions of Euros per year. 

Webinar 1 december 2020
Data Storytelling: The power of visualization of decision making in a large enterprise

How can you improve the decision making of your colleagues? How visualized data impacts the way that people take business decisions? How can you create a data driven environment that 80% of your colleagues use? 

Huge investments have been made in BI tools in the past decades with the aim of making data driven decisions in large enterprises. However, despite those investments, adoption at large enterprises  is still low and has stagnated at just 34% (source: Gartner). In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to Data Storytelling and will show you how you can reach a sky high adoption rate in no time, and improve data based decision making.

Presentation by Yann Toutant

Yann Toutant is the country manager of Toucan Toco Netherlands. He aims to help as many finance and IT experts to make insights and decision-making accessible to the greatest number. With more than 25 years of experience in the finance industry, he is the expert to help your team to take the next steps about data communication. 


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